December 2006

Prior to the gig on Saturday 9th December, Dutch was asked, by Rick Montgomery (Member of Johnos Blues Band/Club Manager), to present to Johno a Special Services Award for the longetivity of the World Famous Johnos Blues Club, Cairns QLD.

Well our famously funny folklore fellow went AWOL (Japanese influences are certain) & therefore Dutch now was to present the Award on Tuesday 12th Dec to a now crowded house ready to party. Luckily, because our famously friendly Johno wasn’t stage serious long enough for Dutch to present to him.

Johno was sidetracked and left the stage joining someone in the audience while unaware, after much encouragement from stage, of any of this unsuspected surprise presentation from Johnos Blues Bar to Johnos Blues Club founder, himself. While Dutch was trying to encourage Johno onto the stage for kind words of thankyou, on behalf of all Blues Lovers in Australia, no response was registering with our favouritely funny but also very strange bluesman “Johno” well known for his uniquely eccentric behaviours over the years.

Dutch is never without words and this occasion was anything but awkward for him but he managed to put a few fun lines together which the audience appreciated and will remember forever.

Quoted by Dutch to Johno “You may have been at the Eifel Tower and you may have been at the China Wall but if you haven’t been to Johno’s you haven’t been anywhere at all.”