February 2007

Hi and a belated Happy New Year from the Dutchman.

It’s come to my ears (I’m not deaf, yet!) that some people are saying that I’m whining about Fiona Boyes Winning the Vic/Tas Awards. Well, Hell, No! Why would I? I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!! Nor have I ever suggested that there was something going on that was wrong regarding entry conditions.

My manager Lynne Wright (Peanuts Promotions), who put a lot of effort on my behalf, was disappointed, ‘cos my entry CD’s got “lost” in the mail. Not the first time CD’s have gone astray on that route! So I missed out. I guess it made the judge’s job marginally easier.

I know that awards like Vic/Tas carry prestige and make good publicity from a management point of view, but for me, I really don’t give a guinea pigs tail, I got plenty already! I couldn’t be happier for Fiona, ‘cos I really admire her outstanding talents. The only thing I’ve got against her is that she married that irreverent, ‘stead of’ me (forgive me Reverend Steve and I ask you to pray for my miserable sinners soul).

Now excuse me, I’ve gotta go and count my awards. Ah, there they are, keeping the doors from slamming shut. Better count those in the cardboard box, too. All the best to all of you and keep the FAITH.

Yours sincerely