March 2009

Hi you all and sundry

OK call me slack.  It’s been a while since I’ve written to you.  Sorry!  I know it’s unforgivable.  I was going to join the procrastinators club.  I’ve been well and in good spirits, Haha!

Peanuts has been keeping me moving and busy. October saw me playing in Wagga Wagga for the Bidgee Blues club.  Neat organization.  Had a ball.

Then the Wangaratta Festival in November which showcased enormous talent with plenty of markets to browse.  Perfect weekend weather was a bonus.   Left my SM58 (microphone) there but they sent it back.  Thanks so much.

Then I went to SA Yankallila country style hotel.  What a Hoot!  Thank you for top taxi service.

***AND of course the Commo Club (Semaphore Workers Club) with The Flyers; David Blight (incredible harp player) & Rockin’ Rob Riley (Best Australian Guitarist/Songwriter).  What great muzos, the whole band!   RRRiley will be in concert with Rose Tattoo this May, in Adelaide. Had a great after party at Kev’s with The Flyers.  Great fun and we’ll make merry again Sunday.

Sam Knott Hotel has provided a resident gig during 2008 for Sunday Blues in Wesburn, Victoria. With Feasty Food to tempt any passerby, do stop in for an ale with Karing Kerry sometime.

The Bay Hotel Mordialloc is also always good value.  Friendly Folk with a flair to please all.  For a few years I have been performing Solo here and all enjoy the food, wine and song.

I was in New Zealand with Phil Manning, Doc Span and Jan Preston having a great time at the Marchwood Blues Picnic at Tauranga in the North Island, run by Peter and Carol Archer.  Great people, great place and a great cottage to jam with Phil the night before the event.  Phil joined me on stage while I debut my new song ‘Keep the Faith’ a tribute to Walter Brownie McGhee.  Unfortunately, we were getting bad news in dips & draps from Australia. It was the 7th February.  Black Friday.  Not much we could do but pray.

Because of the out of control fires the Chilli Festival at Jindivick was cancelled.  Very understandably so.  I wish Haggis all the best for next year’s festival.  This was to be the 10th Annual Hot Sauce & Fiery Foods Festival.

Well, the long awaited DVD “Just Runnin’ Round Vol 1” is now available. Get into it!  Went to WA for a little ‘Run Round’, with Peanuts and my old friend and collaborator Martin Cooper.  With Peanuts Promotions RCI connections we stayed a U beaut Resort, Silver Sands in Mandurah, an hour (70 klms) drive south of Perth.  Great place to relax between gigs with Jill Jake, Bar Promotions who loves to entertain with her own country songs written from her heart.  My biggest fan in WA came to see us at gigs and also cooked up a great night in her home. Thanx.

Dunsborough ‘Three Bears Tavern’ and Boyanup ‘The Bull and Bush Tavern’ down south began the tour.  Great gigs.  Hospitality Plus was given us and they want another gig later this year.

Then the Perth Blues Club at the Charles Hotel in Perth.  I hadn’t played at the Charles since the 70’s when I used to tour with the Elks.  A Hoot!  Very organized musicians club with a stylish room for sound and seating.

We then played at the Ravenswood Hotel on the Murray River. What? You say? Yes, WA has a Murray River.  Probably has more water than the Victorian one!

Then the Club Hotel in Collie, inland from Bunbury.  Rather disappointing.  You see, they have these Skimpy nights in WA.  All the other pubs in Collie were having a night of that sort.  The mining community of Collie preferred to look at almost naked girls than come to see an old Blues Singer.  Oh Well.

I almost forgot, we played Mojo’s Bar in Freemantle, Freo Blues Club.  Good house, great venue, good sound system.  We shared the bill with Lighting Jack & Chris? Great little harp player.  A jam finished up the night and fun was had by all.  Blue Drew hosted with a mighty fine harp playing himself.  Thanx.

On the 8th March we played at the “1st Annual Blues Alive Festival Event” Churchill Park, Rockingham Foreshore (must cost a fortune to put all that on a poster). Fabulous setting with perfect sunshine and plenty happening around the park including stalls and art shows.  Fiona joined forces with other blues clubs to share some of the best blues acts from Perth to Albany.

Off to Scarborough straight from this arvo gig to the Indie Bar (Indian Ocean Hotel).  Well Peanuts had arranged for Matt Taylor to join Martin & I on stage for a set.  This was a highlight of our tour.  Matt was an inspiring injection of blues, as always, with his harmonica prowess.

Andrew and Simone know the real deal when working this venue for musicians and patrons.  Congratulations for making our last gig on tour a memorable one.  Many satisfied smiles seen.

Well that’s ‘bout it from me.  Peanuts will tell you what’s coming up.

Keep the Faith