July 2009

DEVONPORT JAZZ 2009 – Peanuts Poem/Review

After spending the weekend from interstate enjoying performances and hospitality of the highest quality, it was necessary to write this poem, on behalf of the Grandmaster of Blues, Dutch Tilders and myself, Manager. Dutch Tilders performed for the ABC live to air with presenter, Hillary at the DECC Sat 5.10pm, performed Sat night to guests at dinner for ‘A Taste of Blues’ at the Edgewater Hotel 7.30-9.30pm (2 hours straight), performed Sun at the DECC – Centenary Court at noon Sun, then performed his final show upstairs in function room to a full house (200) at the Edgewater Hotel late afternoon.

This festival was sensational all round and it would be appreciated if the public were given some feedback as to how the 8th Annual Jazz Festival went this year. It was very special for the Mayoress Lady Lynn Laycock and the General Manager (Glen? or Greg) of the Devonport Council plus 40 committee members and volunteers with the Gourlay Bros performing, greeting us at the airport on arrival. Quite a special VIP meeting as an introduction to the wonderful 8th Annual Devonport Jazz Festival.

I feel our thankyou must be passed on to them and others who attended the great event. Most successfully organized.

This Festival draws many elderly folk out of their comfy zones at home and it was pure pleasure to see them smile, laugh and sigh for memories were shared of old and new with jazz and Blues.

Many thanks,


While I laid at rest in fresh white linen
Feeling satisfied and unforbidden
I thought all should know of Edgewater Haven
For Dutch and guests the spoil was given.

The Bluesman played to many here
They loved his lyrics and gave a cheer
We were served such extraordinary meals
A New Orleans style of fries and grills

It was delish to say the least
Chicken, Ribs and a Key Lime Feast
We felt the warmth from folk around
And thank dear Shaun for providing sound

Devonport is one place where
We hope our friends will visit here
Thanks Ange and Matt and Wolfgang too
Such kindness shared from all of you

The rain came down and blew a gale
Entertainment was indoors so no need to wail
Such a quaint tidy town is Devonport
With the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ in and out of Port

Dutch and Lynne wish to Say Hi
To Lady Mayor, Pete, Elsa, Mike and Di,
You and your crew who planned this Fest
Gave us and others your very best

From Jazz to Blues and Doris Day
Folk in yellow scarves showed the way
Artists came from everywhere
In a program of talent prepared with care

On arrival in Tassie at the local airport
You and Gourlay Bros offered friendly support
A township together for the love of Jazz
Congrats, it was pleasure and pure pizzazz.

By Lynne ‘Peanuts’ Wright
Management Dutch Tilders