August 2010

THANKYOU FOR LIFTING MY SPIRITS – 29th July 2010 – The Thornbury Theatre

I had no real idea that there were so many people that cared for me until I got into trouble. I believe it was Phil Manning who suggested a benefit to my manager, Lynne Wright and then the whole thing snowballed. Musos from near and far held up their hands to volunteer their services. It made me feel both honoured and humbled. A little ashamed that I didn’t realise how many friends I have.

Before I go on I must say this: I like to think I’m not bad at writing songs but letters are not my forte

I would now like to visit all the wonderful people who I owe my heartfelt thanks to and if I’ve forgotten anyone its cos of a dodgy memory. Sorry! Lynne will help me with this.

Radio Presenter: Max Crawdaddy 3RRR opened the evening with music for Diners at 6.30pm. Interstate Musicians: Chris Finnen SA, Kevin Borich QLD, Matt Taylor WA, Barry ‘LG’ Harvey QLD, Dirk Debois QLD, Steve Russell ACT, James Southwell NSW.

Victorian Musicians: Phil Manning, Martin Cooper, Lloyd Spiegel, Jeannie Lushes & the Blues Boys, Chris White, Greg Dodd, Rob O’Toole, Peter Beulke, Ken ‘Moosh’ McColm, Dave ‘OZ’ McMillan, Trevor Young, Neil Whiteley, Stuart Elliott, Glen Suckling, Winston Galea, Bronnie Gordon.

Drum Power: Darren (Bayswater) for donating backline stage gear and co-ordinating our brilliant sound and stage crew, Wayne, Luke, Bill McCormick, Huntingdale Sound and Pony Music donated recording gear and time so all artists talents were showcased at the highest quality possible.

Venue: Neil Wedd donated The Thornbury Theatre with In House PA Production plus riders for all artists throughout the evening and welcomed everyone so gracefully without any show of stress. Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society: Gary Jones (President) and Louise Castle (Vice) offered continual support to Lynne and managed to raise $1450.00 on the night from ‘Raffle Donations’ of (MBAS) CD’s, JB Packages, Portrait Photo Prints from Chris Franklin and Murray Foote plus PBS Yearly Subscription (Helen Jennings) and Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival Double Pass 28-31 October. Lisa Nolan and Dave Farrell are extraordinary Painters who also donated Portrait Canvas’ of Dutch Tilders on the night which Dutch will keep as exceptional works to be treasured.

Direct Donations Received: Semaphore Workers Club SA, Tonkins Family SA, Anderson Family and more.

Guitar Auction: Chris White (Crosscut Band) kindly donated time, funds and the Regal Tricone resonator guitar which was auctioned and won by Martin Cooper but Dutch wishes to keep this gift to brush up on his slide guitar skills for fun. Phil Webb donated the Auctioneer.

Filming Crew: Peter Sawyer and Tracy Sawyer were assisted by Ch31 David Loader, Leesa Carriage, Rohan and Jasmine Young who donated and dedicated their long hours of time so we can all look forward to this release at the end of 2010.

Photographers: Graham Spillard, Sabrina Rubini, Phil Kent, Lyall ‘Sparra’ Thomas exclusively.

Family and Friends: Sam Tilders, Matt Taylour, Nicole Fox, Brenda Davey, Chris Woodcock, Treeza SA. Lea Rose ‘Tattoo Rose’ was our road hostess for a few days escorting our interstate guests to and from the airport to accommodation and also to and from the Concert event.

Merchandise: Linda & Matt, familiar to selling at ‘Chain’ Concerts, donated their expertise.

Empire Records: released Dutch Tilders new album “Going on a Journey” Anthology of 50 Years. (If anyone has difficulty downloading the new video ‘Going on a Journey’ please advise) Peanuts Promotions: Donated the Accommodation at ‘Grand Mecure’ Flinders Lane for artists.

Dutch Tilders: Donated the souvenir CD ‘ 2 Songs plus new video ‘Going On A Journey’ to guests. ***What an absolute pleasure to have combined hard work with such enormous rewards for all.

I may have seemed a bit aloof to some people, even close friends. This was because I was a bit paranoid about catching a cold or flu. Chemo ruins the immune system, so you may understand my concern. Please forgive for cutting any chat as shorty as possible so I could get back to my sanctuary (Green Room). After all, the chances of there not being any sneezers and coughers in a room with 500 plus people in it, is pretty slim.

My fearless leader Lynne Wright did a magnificent job putting it all together. It was probably the most challenging project she had ever taken on. I was afraid she was heading for a breakdown but she pulled it off beautifully. Not only do I thank her from the bottom of my heart and those who were there and enjoyed the night might say thanks, too.

I am going to take it easy as best I can until my next chemo session. Next time you see me I might be bald but I’ll still be me. In the words of the great Big Bill Broonzy; thank you, thank you and thank you two times again. In the words of the great Brownie McGhee; Keep the Faith.

– – – – – – – – – – –

HOW DID I FEEL? SAYS DUTCH (About his Benefit Night)

First of all I felt special, honoured, privileged and humbled in a way. To have all these great artists giving their wonderful talent to help me out was just overwhelming for me. Just how I felt on the night is not easy to explain. It was my 4th day on chemo and it had its side effects:
1) short term memory loss;
2) impatience and some irritability;
3) fear of catching a cold or flu, to the point of paranoia. When you’re on chemo your white cells get blasted and your immunity system becomes none existent. You get scared!

On the night I had trouble putting names to faces. I couldn’t even remember my God-daughter, Sofie’s name (sorry sweetheart). I told all of you about the reason “Blues has been my Life” was written and then completely forgot to sing the pertinent verse. How’s that! I also forgot to invite all the lady singers of the night to join me for the last song. It was great to hear the audience sing lustily along with “Keep the Faith” tho. At the end I was very tired and went straight home and fell into bed. Good dreams were had. I thank you.

Keep the Faith

Dutch xxx