Dutch Goes Home – RIP

April 2011 – by Lynne Wright

9th April: Dutch goes home after a few weeks of palliative care



AUSTRALIAN RADIO BLUES CHARTS ’10 Dec 22 – ’11 Jan 11 – ’11 Feb 5 – ’11 Mar ?
Anthony Moulay, Bay FM Blues Radio Show sends me updates of how Dutch is rising up the charts as shown No 22 upwards to No 5 and I am hoping Dutch sees his song ‘Going on a Journey’ hit No 1. Keep playing his song while his ‘Journey’ is On….On.
Dutch Tilders is getting more airplay and we both want to thankyou all for solid support.

My solemn apologies if I have not responded to some postings online. I assure you I am reading, printing and forwarding your kind thoughtful comments to Dutch. Thankyou. Good News is our faithful Bluesman is still with us and beating all odds against pains. Such an incredible human being, to suffer cancer with a smile, to keep loved ones from worry. Dutch has determined to be genuinely happy with life as it is. I see his truth.

Dutch was told the news, of him having an incurable esophagus tumor, back in April 2010, after visiting the Doctor with a swallowing problem in February 2010. Within one week Dutch wrote ‘Going On A Journey’ as this bluesman does. The lyrics are so meaningful. He is aleady concerned for his family, friends and sweethearts as Dutch says “The worst thing about cancer is it makes your friends worry so much.”
Wonderful news is that Dutch is not complaining and feels a satisfying sense of peace.

March 23rd Dutch had trouble breathing, due to what was found out later to be a chest infection which was also complicating his pain management of cancer medications. Box Hill Hospital strengthened Dutch enough, to be trusting his health was stable, so he was able to move to Wantirna Health Palliative Care Centre where he has been happily re-cooperating for a week. If management of incurable cancer pain can be maintained, then the Dutchman can go back home and administer himself, all medications, with assistance from his carer, Rory. Family and friends are abound. Dutch welcomes visitors between 11am-7pm daily, as conversation is lucid and company is the best therapy ever.


Dutch Tilders Last Tour January 27-31 2011

Thought I should fill some of you in on what has been happening over the past couple of months, since Dutch’s illness has forced him into retirement, at the ripe old age of sixty-nine. Fortunately his long career finished with a successful Queensland/New South Wales Tour, organized by Dutch’s personal friend of 35years, Miss Christine Lowen. Many assisted her with her pursuit to treat, greet and spoil our legendary Australian Bluesman, one last time interstate, with special musician friends of old. Peter ‘Scrubby’ Hurcombe assisted Chris and his Band supported Dutch for each show. Guests included Geoff ‘The Chef’ Achison, Dirk ‘Chain’Debois, George Washingmachine, David Rankin, Johnny Grey, Greg Baker and Lily White. The sound engineers were faultless.

Chris was determined to show Dutch a good time with all the frills. We arrived at the Coolangatta Airport, where Chris gifted me, with a huge floral arrangement. Pavlos Cadillac Limo was awaiting to serve Dutch and I a drink on entry while driving to our accommodation, on the Tweed River. Beauty at its best.

On arrival at our motel we were showered in Food Platters and more flowers in our rooms. Two ladies, Shirl and Kim who were employed by Chris to assist with the tour were our welcoming committee. Dutch’s and my needs were so well planned and catered for, we felt like royalty. Chris excelled in hospitality. No work the first night, so we all drank to be merry and ready for our three night tour. I prayed Dutch would be able to perform all gigs, with regular rests prepared, to build his strength.

Pavlos Limo collected us with a full bar and snacks to relax us after several hours of travel. I wondered if Dutch would want to move again, after settling in to comfy lounge in Limo. Dutch questioned Chris ‘I’m no Diva’ what’s this Limo thing for? He felt humbled and that feeling left him quickly, so he could thoroughly enjoy being treated so special by his friends. Most travel trips to and from gigs saw Dutch mini-napping, while us gals chin-wagged our way to the gigs, as we do. I loved this tour, with an entourage of ladies. Usually Dutch and I travel together, catching up with many male musicians at shows. Dutch had a harem and as we all know, he deserved to be served.


28/01/11: Currumbin RSL ‘The Sound Lounge’ was pumping right from the opening of the first set, as Blind Willie Wagtail were excited to be seeing and performing on the same bill, as too was Dutch Tilders again after five or so years. Dutch came onto stage for the second set Solo and captured the audience within minutes, as he can. A highlight of the night was watching George Washingmachine and his son, perform together on stage, as the chemistry was enlightening and only got better when Dirk Debois joined them on bass. This comfortable seating venue, was full of friends from far and wide, who were thankful to see such an exceptional performance, from one so frail. Dutch’s vocals were rich and soulful, with no loss of professionalislm during all of his one hour plus shows. The spirit of this first welcoming gig rolled onto the rest of the tour gigs.

Dutch awoke early as usual each day but was obviously tired as he slept some of the days, in preparation for each show. He had plenty of medication on hand and at this stage of his cancer battle, he was still carefully attempting to pace his need for higher dosages of drugs. I have accompanied Dutch from the beginning of his Journey with Cancer illness and watched Dutch bear much pain, over a longer period than expected. It is an honour to see him happy to deal with whatever life deals him and thank god his strength of character has always been extraordinary to cope with body changes.


29/01/11: Byron Bay Brewery Pavlos Limo drove us to what was another great show, sharing the bill now with Geoff Achison, while George Washingmachine traveled onwards up the road. Well! we all loved ‘Blind Willie Wagtail’ Dolphin Award Winners and Scrubby kept introducing surprise guests. This kept Dutch and other artists fuelled, for the end of each night, final jam. Locals from around Byron came to support the tribute to Dutch Tilders gig and it was an appreciative crowd. Super to meet with Anthony Moulay, Bay FM Radio who has been playing Dutch’s Blues, forever, on his Bay FM Blues Show. Lovely to meet after being email buddies for many years. My brother Phil, who lives in Ballina, came too! Great to catch up again. Lucky in my career, as Dutch Tilder’s fearless leader, as he calls me, I can mix business with pleasure. Yes, everyone loves to see Dutch and Geoff duo show, so they blew the audience away again, with their incredible talent and such excellent magnetism on stage together.

Oh! Ok! Best we group together after this gig, with Dutch, Scrubby, Geoff and the gals, to celebrate another great gig. Naturally with a few nibbles, drinks and chats goings on, we lost time and realized again, that the night was almost morning. Dutch slept through some of our after parties, as he just can’t hack the pace like he easily did before illness. We watched Dutch resting peacefully while we sat outside his room and talked about him. Listening to Dutch’s Morphine/Scotch banter while asleep, is a whole episode to laugh about. Dutch may go into a conversation for five minutes or an hour on anything about his father, Max Merritt or Fred Flintstone with a cough or snore to boot.

Lucky with his hearing aids out and him lying on his side, he missed a few cool jokes at his expense. Like how he had been directing my trafficking him in a wheelchair, at airports and him teasing me by putting on the hand brakes, if I might choose to go a different route. Cheeky as, still! I remember when I had him trying to run to the plane.


30/01/11: Condong Bowling Club Chris was determined to make sure a comfy resting place was available to Dutch in the Limo or in the venue at all gigs. The last show was five minutes drive from our Motel but there was the Limo again awaiting to drive us. Drinks on ice, lollies plentiful, fun loving company set the mood for the last tribute show.

We arrived to find a venue full of tables and chairs, BBQ meal and lotsa blues fans. The show sold out (500) so the crew of entertainers performed for almost five hours. Wow! This was a sensational send off. Friendly folk only applied for tickets and all went home ‘happy as larry’. Dutch left after his show, due to exhaustion of giving such a huge emotionally fulfilling show, with only a smile on his dial but a need for sleep. This ol’ Godfather of Blues rang me a couple of hours later asking was the show over and when was the after party happening back at the Motel. Hurry home! He was ready to rock n roll. Soooo good to see Dutch gleeful of warmth given to him during shows. Old, young and in between ages of folk came to support him with friends at these shows and he was in his element, happy knowing he had left them his legacy and knew they were satisfied.

Dutch gave his all on his last gigs and was sorely disappointed to not be able to continue performing after this tour. Phil Manning, Geoff Achison, Lloyd Spiegel, Marrissa Quigley, Joules Boult, Martin Cooper, Peter Beulke and Chris White all pooled together to fill in Dutch’s Solo Sets of booked gigs in Melbourne. Thankyou from Dutch x


What has life been like for our legendary Bluesman since being forced into retirement?

A quick spat of tears was shed and then Dutch expressed he felt quite dead inside of himself momentarily, now he was no longer sharing his gift of passionate playing, singing and travelling to others. Dutch was learning something new and at 69 years of age and working as long as he has, in one helluva ride, it was to be expected he would be sad for awhile. Dutch is over it enough to be enjoying his journey, for all his experiences he grasps and retains in his memory, be they good, bad or ugly.

During this past two months Dutch has been under serious pain management with regular increases in medications and many ups and downs. His continuous flow of comfort from family, friends and fans visiting or writing, to care for him, has overwhelmed our gentle mellow elder. Whether a good or bad day, he welcomes all, with a smile and when he needs to rest, visitors sit at the table and await him to arise or come back again soon.

Sometimes I feel so in awe of having the rewards of knowing Dutch so closely as many others have over his lifetime. Dutch has a presence that if met is never forgotten and those who have met him, remember his charm, intelligence and healing prowess. Having been in Box Hill Hospital with a chest cold a couple of weeks ago and defying death on his doorstep, Dutch has amazed Doctors by beating the common cold and getting back on his journey with cancer. A damn chest cold was not going to win.
Billy Kavanagh stated to Dutch “Your too stubborn to die”. Dutch’s laugh is alive!

The Irreverend Steve Clark, as Dutch calls him, visited last month and asked Dutch this tough question, “Have you made peace with God”? Dutch answered, “Well I never thought I offended him in the first place”!
Last thoughts on this since, Dutch says, “I didn’t hurt anybody? At least not intentionally”. This sums our Dutchman up to a tee, as if you’ve known him, it is possible to understand his soft nature to please and appease.


B B King is coming to town and Dutch has decided he is too ill to travel to his show in Melbourne 16th April. I bought a couple of frontline tickets and then received a couple of complimentary tickets from Chuggs Entertainment, which Dutch has asked me to return. Last November Dutch asked if we could go to the States so he could meet some of the bluesfolk, he stole blues rifts from, over the years. He! He! Well I suggested we could plan for April, as Dutch said he would prefer to go during the warmer months. OK!! What I wouldn’t give to tour Dutch overseas but the dream was a fantasy as we both knew but we had fun talking about it. He was hoping to visit BB King and Barbara Blue for a starter when he reached the USA but his health declined more rapidly, so not to be.


Retirement is different for Dutch while unwell, as he isn’t frequenting the local tab, sharing a yarn and an ale with fellow regulars from the Manhattan Hotel, Ringwood. He hasn’t been to a live show since attending as a guest at the Cornish Arms Hotel gig 20th February organized as a Dutch Tilders Tribute Show. With 3 Generations of Blues sharing stage our Elder Bluesman sat and watched with a mini nap on and off during the show. Dutch had to leave early due to new drugs playing havoc on his body and mind.

We can thank Scott Carn, Popshop Entertainment for putting this tribute together with Gary Jones, MBAS President working the door, raffles and guest control in his gentlemanly manner, as always. Thankyou to our newest found friend, Shirl Lowen, who has been such a breath of fresh air, selling merchandise during this gig and also during Dutch’s last tour interstate. She traveled from Melbourne like us and then fell in to the groove only to have to stop (due to Dutch’s retirement) just when she wanted to do more.


Peanuts Promotions/Peanuts Publishing will live on in the music industry as I am not ready to retire and wish to continue promoting my favourite artists, as I have Dutch. Soon I shall be sharing my new website, of artists available to book through my agency, online or directly with me on the phone, as I appreciate not all people are computer friendly. These Artists are on my books for the future after booking them in the past. Chris Finnen, Rosie Hayden, Jules Boult, Doc Span, Rocking Rob Riley ‘Rose Tattoo’ (has a new band coming soon), Dave Blight & the Flyers, Barbara Blue USA, Ron Tabauteau, Chris White, Jeannie Lushes, Blind Willie +. At present I am still doing what I love best, sharing quality time with my close friend and business partner, Dutch. I cherish my family and Dutch is surely one. I shall keep the blues alive and in honour of Dutch Tilders, keep his musical craftsmanship excellence in Authentic Blues also alive.

August 2010

THANKYOU FOR LIFTING MY SPIRITS – 29th July 2010 – The Thornbury Theatre

I had no real idea that there were so many people that cared for me until I got into trouble. I believe it was Phil Manning who suggested a benefit to my manager, Lynne Wright and then the whole thing snowballed. Musos from near and far held up their hands to volunteer their services. It made me feel both honoured and humbled. A little ashamed that I didn’t realise how many friends I have.

Before I go on I must say this: I like to think I’m not bad at writing songs but letters are not my forte

I would now like to visit all the wonderful people who I owe my heartfelt thanks to and if I’ve forgotten anyone its cos of a dodgy memory. Sorry! Lynne will help me with this.

Radio Presenter: Max Crawdaddy 3RRR opened the evening with music for Diners at 6.30pm. Interstate Musicians: Chris Finnen SA, Kevin Borich QLD, Matt Taylor WA, Barry ‘LG’ Harvey QLD, Dirk Debois QLD, Steve Russell ACT, James Southwell NSW.

Victorian Musicians: Phil Manning, Martin Cooper, Lloyd Spiegel, Jeannie Lushes & the Blues Boys, Chris White, Greg Dodd, Rob O’Toole, Peter Beulke, Ken ‘Moosh’ McColm, Dave ‘OZ’ McMillan, Trevor Young, Neil Whiteley, Stuart Elliott, Glen Suckling, Winston Galea, Bronnie Gordon.

Drum Power: Darren (Bayswater) for donating backline stage gear and co-ordinating our brilliant sound and stage crew, Wayne, Luke, Bill McCormick, Huntingdale Sound and Pony Music donated recording gear and time so all artists talents were showcased at the highest quality possible.

Venue: Neil Wedd donated The Thornbury Theatre with In House PA Production plus riders for all artists throughout the evening and welcomed everyone so gracefully without any show of stress. Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society: Gary Jones (President) and Louise Castle (Vice) offered continual support to Lynne and managed to raise $1450.00 on the night from ‘Raffle Donations’ of (MBAS) CD’s, JB Packages, Portrait Photo Prints from Chris Franklin and Murray Foote plus PBS Yearly Subscription (Helen Jennings) and Wangaratta Jazz & Blues Festival Double Pass 28-31 October. Lisa Nolan and Dave Farrell are extraordinary Painters who also donated Portrait Canvas’ of Dutch Tilders on the night which Dutch will keep as exceptional works to be treasured.

Direct Donations Received: Semaphore Workers Club SA, Tonkins Family SA, Anderson Family and more.

Guitar Auction: Chris White (Crosscut Band) kindly donated time, funds and the Regal Tricone resonator guitar which was auctioned and won by Martin Cooper but Dutch wishes to keep this gift to brush up on his slide guitar skills for fun. Phil Webb donated the Auctioneer.

Filming Crew: Peter Sawyer and Tracy Sawyer were assisted by Ch31 David Loader, Leesa Carriage, Rohan and Jasmine Young who donated and dedicated their long hours of time so we can all look forward to this release at the end of 2010.

Photographers: Graham Spillard, Sabrina Rubini, Phil Kent, Lyall ‘Sparra’ Thomas exclusively.

Family and Friends: Sam Tilders, Matt Taylour, Nicole Fox, Brenda Davey, Chris Woodcock, Treeza SA. Lea Rose ‘Tattoo Rose’ was our road hostess for a few days escorting our interstate guests to and from the airport to accommodation and also to and from the Concert event.

Merchandise: Linda & Matt, familiar to selling at ‘Chain’ Concerts, donated their expertise.

Empire Records: released Dutch Tilders new album “Going on a Journey” Anthology of 50 Years. (If anyone has difficulty downloading the new video ‘Going on a Journey’ please advise) Peanuts Promotions: Donated the Accommodation at ‘Grand Mecure’ Flinders Lane for artists.

Dutch Tilders: Donated the souvenir CD ‘ 2 Songs plus new video ‘Going On A Journey’ to guests. ***What an absolute pleasure to have combined hard work with such enormous rewards for all.

I may have seemed a bit aloof to some people, even close friends. This was because I was a bit paranoid about catching a cold or flu. Chemo ruins the immune system, so you may understand my concern. Please forgive for cutting any chat as shorty as possible so I could get back to my sanctuary (Green Room). After all, the chances of there not being any sneezers and coughers in a room with 500 plus people in it, is pretty slim.

My fearless leader Lynne Wright did a magnificent job putting it all together. It was probably the most challenging project she had ever taken on. I was afraid she was heading for a breakdown but she pulled it off beautifully. Not only do I thank her from the bottom of my heart and those who were there and enjoyed the night might say thanks, too.

I am going to take it easy as best I can until my next chemo session. Next time you see me I might be bald but I’ll still be me. In the words of the great Big Bill Broonzy; thank you, thank you and thank you two times again. In the words of the great Brownie McGhee; Keep the Faith.

– – – – – – – – – – –

HOW DID I FEEL? SAYS DUTCH (About his Benefit Night)

First of all I felt special, honoured, privileged and humbled in a way. To have all these great artists giving their wonderful talent to help me out was just overwhelming for me. Just how I felt on the night is not easy to explain. It was my 4th day on chemo and it had its side effects:
1) short term memory loss;
2) impatience and some irritability;
3) fear of catching a cold or flu, to the point of paranoia. When you’re on chemo your white cells get blasted and your immunity system becomes none existent. You get scared!

On the night I had trouble putting names to faces. I couldn’t even remember my God-daughter, Sofie’s name (sorry sweetheart). I told all of you about the reason “Blues has been my Life” was written and then completely forgot to sing the pertinent verse. How’s that! I also forgot to invite all the lady singers of the night to join me for the last song. It was great to hear the audience sing lustily along with “Keep the Faith” tho. At the end I was very tired and went straight home and fell into bed. Good dreams were had. I thank you.

Keep the Faith

Dutch xxx

November 2009

WA TOUR – Nov 12-15, 2009

We had a ball in WA. Dutch Tilders Solo & Dutch Tilders Legends Band received a standing ovation headlining Blues at Bridgetown Festival two weeks ago. It was enlightening. This shows that age does not matter. It was a sellout event and Dutch & I are feeling pretty satisfied. The rest of the tour around WA after Bridgetown over the following week was also a special time, with many turning up at many of the gigs to see Dutch again and again. Lucky I took many changes of clothes.

Dutch, Lil Goose, Martin & I arrived Thursday 12th at Novat Perth Airport, picked up the hire bus, found Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne (Canada Blues Guest of Festival) at the International Airport and then collected Matt Taylor from his home in Perth. Well the chatter began and the bus was rocking with stories shared of old and new. At this time all of us are sober but two hours down the road to Bridgetown, Dutch was definitely thirsty so we stopped off at Silver Sands Hotel, Mandurah. A few beers later, plus a quick few shots of scotch for Dutch, as he wasn’t working this day, sure kicked up the conversation.

Oh Yes! We were to stop off at Bunbury ABC Studio on our travels and the mood was high key for a live to air interview, and sing song of “Mc Ghee’s Advice”, Dutch’s newest song was played too. Dutch on guitar, Matt on Harmonica & Kenny on mini Keyboards set the studio on fire, or was it the scotch breath that set the mood. Believe me the Festival knew we were coming now. Then off to Bridgetown for ID photos with Kylie welcoming us with smiles and showbags of goodies.

We went directly to our retreat and then some of us decided to hit the town for a Freemasons Hotel country style meal. Scrumptious food, so we ate there three more times during the festival, including Friday night which celebrated Kenny’s 65th Birthday. A lovely gentleman from Canada whose company was a highlight of our tour to Bridgetown.

Friday 13th Nov, Dutch Tilders presented his workshop at the wonderful local Theatre on ‘How the Blues Began’ was exceptional as it told history that many did not know. Naturally a song in between the talk was well presented and fitted in well with the story Dutch told of knowledge he had gained over his five decades dedicated to Blues Music History in the World.

Then I was called to stage by Dutch and began my first workshop with stage fright, as I was not prepared for the theatre stage lighting which did not allow me to see the audience in front of me. I was so nervous my voice crackled, but I was determined to share my prepared workshop knowledge of ‘How to Begin Becoming a Musician’ with tips of:
– How to Manage Yourself as an Artist
– How to Get A Song on CD
– How to Promote & Sell Yourself
– How to Get A Gig
– How to Set Up Websites
– How to Get A Grant
– How to Get an Agent/Manager
– How to Face your Fear and do it Anyway.

This was a huge step forward for me to be openly sharing my knowledge of promoting artists over the past fifteen years professionally. I will continue doing workshops now knowing my knowledge was appreciated and after working with Dutch Tilders for the past decade it is something I feel empowered to do again. After the fright of my first encounter at a Festival Event I am sure the next workshops will be easier every time.

Dutch was a gem afterwards when we sat with a wine and discussed our days events back at the retreat. Dutch said kindly “Lynne that speech you delivered was brilliant. You have obviously missed your vocation. You should have been a motivational speaker and instead you have ended up managing me, a bluesman.” Well! I replied, “Thank you Dutch for supporting me as your manager over the past decade and what a lotta fun I’ve had. I wouldn’t have swapped my vocation for another life while I’m traveling with you, Australia’s Best Bluesman”. How Sweet! We love working with each other and always will.

It is Saturday and the Dutch Tilders Legend Band was getting ready to perform by rehearsing at the retreat where we were staying during the festival. Bob Patient & Roy Daniel arrived early morning ready to roll out some riffs with the Dutchman so the afternoon gig worked magically. Dutch ran through five different song styles to remind all of what he required from each during the show. Dutch is a competent conductor and this is why he has survived so long in the frontman position. Bob said this rehearsal with Dutch was not a tea party like many band rehearsals are with a few beers and much chat but not much work. Well Dutch had a beer as he does, but yes, us others drank tea and coffee so it was a part tea party. Dutch has always said I can’t think without a drink and I don’t come alive until .05. He is a Bluesman and likes a beer, but thank goodness he performs semi sober on stage and keeps his wits about him always, so very easy to work with at all times. A Bonus.

Off to the Festival and directly to the West Coast Blues Club Street Stage to perform blues for those who did not wish to pay to attend Festival gigs within closed off areas. This was run by Fizzy – Fiona who rounded up a number of artists to join her street stage show 2-5pm so locals could catch a taster of what this Blues Festival had to offer within the closed areas. An excellent idea. Many fans were enticed to pay for tickets, to see artists who they had watched free for the first time, yet again at a paid event.

Dutch Tilders, Martin Cooper & Matt Taylor performed for 40min as the crowd kept calling for more. It was another rewarding show for all. Thanks to Blues Clubs, artists like Dutch Tilders can be welcomed to tour to other states as special guests.

Matt Taylor (Used to being Chain’s Frontman) was playing harmonica only in the band and said he was a little out of sorts standing side of stage and was unsure what to do with his feet between playing. He didn’t look awkward to others but I could see he was a little uneasy to begin with as this was a new thing for Matt to do. Naturally Matt was sensational as he could concentrate on playing his wondrous harmonics and still enthralled the audience with his usual smile between riffs. I have followed Matt Taylor for forty years and am always wrapt to see him perform live, so like all blues lovers I was most impressed with his attributes. This was a special occasion not to be frequently repeated but Matt said he would join Dutch again sometime for a one off show such as this. I will hold him to it.

Martin Cooper, Electric Guitar, drew blood from his thumb onto his guitar during this first band gig as he was so honoured to be on stage with such legends especially since he loves to perform with his close comrade, Dutch Tilders. Martin was given special appreciation from fans after the gig and must have felt like a rock star. While afterwards during our mealtime at Freemasons Hotel Lil Goose suggested there was no need to draw blood as this was a Blues Band not a Rock Band! We all laughed. Martin was making sure he gave his all and more, and it showed. Great Musical Director across the stage was the comment Dutch gave him after the gig. Yes he shone.

What can one say about Barry ‘Lil Goose’ Harvey who has been drumming since he was 8 years of age professionally. This is Lil Goose’s 51st year of drumming with three decades alone playing in the successfully recognised “Chain” Band. Lil Goose has written Books which have gone global and are utilised in Music Schools with his latest manual on Drumming, a most popular book on sale. A genius who lives purely for his love of music, drumming, writing and connecting with others around the world online. Blogs, Chats, Emails are his forte in between performing. After a gig Lil Goose would get onto his computer laptop and write his latest reviews to keep others updated through many websites. I love his passion to share his passion with all. Thanks Baz.

Lil Goose is such a professional who has performed with some of the best artists on tours from around the world that he performed perfectly once on stage with his friends who also know his way of playing his drums. The festival provided him with a more than suitable drum kit and this helps immensely. Love your variety of shirts for stage wear. Loose & Colourful. Lovely nature.

Then we had the awesome twosome from WA Blues Artists Best! Bob Patient, Keyboards and Roy Daniel, Bassist are exceptional together on stage and of course completed Dutch Tilders Legend Band. I would like to say your relaxed attitude off stage is too good to be true but the confidence you exhume gave Dutch & others a subtle assurance that the band was going to kick arse. If your good enough for Dave Hole’s rhythm section on world tours over the years in Australia then your good enough for Dutch Tilders too. Your smiles around the stage to others was refreshing and the audience loved the presentation of the band along with the down to earth purrrfect playing. I could watch you perform over and over again. I’ll be spoiled again. After meeting you both in 2000 during Barbara Blue, Queen of Blues Memphis Tour, we shared some fun times and I have been pleasured to have done so in your home state of WA on this occassion. We will not leave it so long before another gig.

Sunday ‘Blessings and Blues’ began for Dutch Tilders at the Town Hall with a Solo Show at 1pm and the Dutchman received a standing ovation which was really appreciated. Not often does a performer receive such special response and Dutch was quite humbly elated. Kenny couldn’t help himself side stage behind the curtains playing his hand held keyboard (????) as he awaited Dutch to invite him on stage to play with him. Dutch called in Kenny, and Matt also joined Dutch as he was standing side stage awaiting his solo gig which followed next. Three great artists together on ABC Radio in Bunbury Studio were now performing on stage together for the first time. I love impromptu live moments like these as we may only ever see it once.

Next was Matt Taylor who was performing his first solo gig for almost a year. Matt told me he had been writing and practicing his show for a few months prior to this festival gig and it was a highlight to hear new songs and old favourites too. Great show Matt. I love your unique style of Blues with such unusual lyrics that are so clearly delivered that your storytelling is so very exciting with each song you share from your heart and soul. You are an old hippie, I don’t say ol’ man, and your songs are still based around your hippie lifestyle lived and obviously enjoyed. Your another down to earth sensible solid guy. I love your beliefs of a simple understanding of life and its gifts that you have acquired to share with us through music.

Ok The Finale – Dutch Tilders Legend Band Sunday night 15th 9.30pm Full House @ Blue Owls Nest 3,000 in the park –

THE CROWD ROARED, DUTCH COMMANDED RESPECT IMMEDIATELY HE OPENED HIS MOUTH “This is a blues festival and I’m here to sing you the blues” and he did for the next 90min. The folk sat in chairs to the right, danced in the grassy area in front of stage (mosh pit), sat up and around the marquee while others wandered near the bar and food stalls. It was safe, secure and special time shared up close and personal with Australia’s Best Blues Band at the Bridgetown Festival and the crowd loved it. What can I say! It worked! This Blues Act was Brilliant.

Thanks to all staff at the Bridgetown Festival who ran around and did there utmost to host us visitors whenever they were called upon. Wonderfully organised. Artists were provided with the best sound equipment and sound engineers. Fifty Three acts went through the festival on Saturday which is quite an achievement when four hours from Perth City and Airport. Top Job. I suggest you plan ahead to book accommodation and early bird tickets so you do not miss this unique blues festival.

July 2009

DEVONPORT JAZZ 2009 – Peanuts Poem/Review

After spending the weekend from interstate enjoying performances and hospitality of the highest quality, it was necessary to write this poem, on behalf of the Grandmaster of Blues, Dutch Tilders and myself, Manager. Dutch Tilders performed for the ABC live to air with presenter, Hillary at the DECC Sat 5.10pm, performed Sat night to guests at dinner for ‘A Taste of Blues’ at the Edgewater Hotel 7.30-9.30pm (2 hours straight), performed Sun at the DECC – Centenary Court at noon Sun, then performed his final show upstairs in function room to a full house (200) at the Edgewater Hotel late afternoon.

This festival was sensational all round and it would be appreciated if the public were given some feedback as to how the 8th Annual Jazz Festival went this year. It was very special for the Mayoress Lady Lynn Laycock and the General Manager (Glen? or Greg) of the Devonport Council plus 40 committee members and volunteers with the Gourlay Bros performing, greeting us at the airport on arrival. Quite a special VIP meeting as an introduction to the wonderful 8th Annual Devonport Jazz Festival.

I feel our thankyou must be passed on to them and others who attended the great event. Most successfully organized.

This Festival draws many elderly folk out of their comfy zones at home and it was pure pleasure to see them smile, laugh and sigh for memories were shared of old and new with jazz and Blues.

Many thanks,


While I laid at rest in fresh white linen
Feeling satisfied and unforbidden
I thought all should know of Edgewater Haven
For Dutch and guests the spoil was given.

The Bluesman played to many here
They loved his lyrics and gave a cheer
We were served such extraordinary meals
A New Orleans style of fries and grills

It was delish to say the least
Chicken, Ribs and a Key Lime Feast
We felt the warmth from folk around
And thank dear Shaun for providing sound

Devonport is one place where
We hope our friends will visit here
Thanks Ange and Matt and Wolfgang too
Such kindness shared from all of you

The rain came down and blew a gale
Entertainment was indoors so no need to wail
Such a quaint tidy town is Devonport
With the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ in and out of Port

Dutch and Lynne wish to Say Hi
To Lady Mayor, Pete, Elsa, Mike and Di,
You and your crew who planned this Fest
Gave us and others your very best

From Jazz to Blues and Doris Day
Folk in yellow scarves showed the way
Artists came from everywhere
In a program of talent prepared with care

On arrival in Tassie at the local airport
You and Gourlay Bros offered friendly support
A township together for the love of Jazz
Congrats, it was pleasure and pure pizzazz.

By Lynne ‘Peanuts’ Wright
Management Dutch Tilders

March 2009

Hi you all and sundry

OK call me slack.  It’s been a while since I’ve written to you.  Sorry!  I know it’s unforgivable.  I was going to join the procrastinators club.  I’ve been well and in good spirits, Haha!

Peanuts has been keeping me moving and busy. October saw me playing in Wagga Wagga for the Bidgee Blues club.  Neat organization.  Had a ball.

Then the Wangaratta Festival in November which showcased enormous talent with plenty of markets to browse.  Perfect weekend weather was a bonus.   Left my SM58 (microphone) there but they sent it back.  Thanks so much.

Then I went to SA Yankallila country style hotel.  What a Hoot!  Thank you for top taxi service.

***AND of course the Commo Club (Semaphore Workers Club) with The Flyers; David Blight (incredible harp player) & Rockin’ Rob Riley (Best Australian Guitarist/Songwriter).  What great muzos, the whole band!   RRRiley will be in concert with Rose Tattoo this May, in Adelaide. Had a great after party at Kev’s with The Flyers.  Great fun and we’ll make merry again Sunday.

Sam Knott Hotel has provided a resident gig during 2008 for Sunday Blues in Wesburn, Victoria. With Feasty Food to tempt any passerby, do stop in for an ale with Karing Kerry sometime.

The Bay Hotel Mordialloc is also always good value.  Friendly Folk with a flair to please all.  For a few years I have been performing Solo here and all enjoy the food, wine and song.

I was in New Zealand with Phil Manning, Doc Span and Jan Preston having a great time at the Marchwood Blues Picnic at Tauranga in the North Island, run by Peter and Carol Archer.  Great people, great place and a great cottage to jam with Phil the night before the event.  Phil joined me on stage while I debut my new song ‘Keep the Faith’ a tribute to Walter Brownie McGhee.  Unfortunately, we were getting bad news in dips & draps from Australia. It was the 7th February.  Black Friday.  Not much we could do but pray.

Because of the out of control fires the Chilli Festival at Jindivick was cancelled.  Very understandably so.  I wish Haggis all the best for next year’s festival.  This was to be the 10th Annual Hot Sauce & Fiery Foods Festival.

Well, the long awaited DVD “Just Runnin’ Round Vol 1” is now available. Get into it!  Went to WA for a little ‘Run Round’, with Peanuts and my old friend and collaborator Martin Cooper.  With Peanuts Promotions RCI connections we stayed a U beaut Resort, Silver Sands in Mandurah, an hour (70 klms) drive south of Perth.  Great place to relax between gigs with Jill Jake, Bar Promotions who loves to entertain with her own country songs written from her heart.  My biggest fan in WA came to see us at gigs and also cooked up a great night in her home. Thanx.

Dunsborough ‘Three Bears Tavern’ and Boyanup ‘The Bull and Bush Tavern’ down south began the tour.  Great gigs.  Hospitality Plus was given us and they want another gig later this year.

Then the Perth Blues Club at the Charles Hotel in Perth.  I hadn’t played at the Charles since the 70’s when I used to tour with the Elks.  A Hoot!  Very organized musicians club with a stylish room for sound and seating.

We then played at the Ravenswood Hotel on the Murray River. What? You say? Yes, WA has a Murray River.  Probably has more water than the Victorian one!

Then the Club Hotel in Collie, inland from Bunbury.  Rather disappointing.  You see, they have these Skimpy nights in WA.  All the other pubs in Collie were having a night of that sort.  The mining community of Collie preferred to look at almost naked girls than come to see an old Blues Singer.  Oh Well.

I almost forgot, we played Mojo’s Bar in Freemantle, Freo Blues Club.  Good house, great venue, good sound system.  We shared the bill with Lighting Jack & Chris? Great little harp player.  A jam finished up the night and fun was had by all.  Blue Drew hosted with a mighty fine harp playing himself.  Thanx.

On the 8th March we played at the “1st Annual Blues Alive Festival Event” Churchill Park, Rockingham Foreshore (must cost a fortune to put all that on a poster). Fabulous setting with perfect sunshine and plenty happening around the park including stalls and art shows.  Fiona joined forces with other blues clubs to share some of the best blues acts from Perth to Albany.

Off to Scarborough straight from this arvo gig to the Indie Bar (Indian Ocean Hotel).  Well Peanuts had arranged for Matt Taylor to join Martin & I on stage for a set.  This was a highlight of our tour.  Matt was an inspiring injection of blues, as always, with his harmonica prowess.

Andrew and Simone know the real deal when working this venue for musicians and patrons.  Congratulations for making our last gig on tour a memorable one.  Many satisfied smiles seen.

Well that’s ‘bout it from me.  Peanuts will tell you what’s coming up.

Keep the Faith


November 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Dutchman

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper but, here goes. I’m not going to bore you by running through every gig and place I’ve done and been to. I’ll stick with the more memorable ones. Geoff “The Chef” Achison, Lloyd Spiegel and I did a show at the Baraki Bar in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, which was billed as “Three Generations of Blues”. This was a huge success and I was proud to play with these two young geniuses. I declare those two are GUITARISTS!!! Geoff’s gone to the U.S. and we miss him.

Did a great gig at the Oak Tree Tavern in Forest Road, The Basin. By the way, I’ll be playing there with my “Blusicians’ (Band) on New Year’s Eve. Essential to Book table now if you want to party. $39.00 two course meal (Quality meals) or $10.00 standing. Bookings – Jane on (03) 9761 0944 or 0409 690 955. She needs to know numbers ASAP as this is a small cosy venue.

The 5th Annual Newcastle Blues Festival was a bit of a disappointment because of the heavy rain but I still had a good time, which is what matters, right? Dean Dee began an Awards Theme and has since presented two awards to me. Thank you to judges and good luck with weather for 2008 as much work goes into preparation for such festivals and with a rainy record so far the best is yet to come. ‘Warners At The Bay’ in Belmont, a Newcastle suburb, was the best.

“Sturt Street Blues” closed down unfortunately but the “Eastern Station Hotel” took over the cause. A very cosy pub. It’s the home of the Ballarat Blues Club. My Blusicians and I had a good time there on two occasions. Forget your swanky wine and jazz fests, the Beer and Blues Festival at Mildura is the real thing. Many variations of blues and of course beer!!! My old friend Barry Hills, from the Blues Club days played bass with us as Peter Beulke was otherwise engaged. Barry hadn’t played for a while, though he didn’t sound like it, and wound up with a blister on his little finger at the end of the weekend. Poor diddems.

‘Sunday Blues at The Bay’ in Mordialloc has proved to be a very good venue. I’ve soloed there a couple of times and am booked to do more. Also, had a ball with Lloyd Spiegel as a guest at the Rainbow Hotel. I turned 66 since then but I can’t remember much about it. Just another birthday, yes? Lynne reminds me we shared the night with a few friends and ‘Crosscut’ at the Barbukka Bar and now I have to recall the laser lights! Very different for this bluesman!

Canadian Cath called me up to Mackay to play at The Austral Hotel, The Kooyong Hotel (Katz Jam) and the “River to Reef Festival”. The air schedules were in absolute chaos causing two flight delays between Melbourne and Mackay and therefore I missed the Austral gig. A shame, cos’ it’s normally a very good gig. The other two went without any glitches and Cath and her husband Joe treated me like a king. Chaucers Cellars in Burke Road, Glen Iris is also quite memorable, especially my second gig there. I’d just flown back from N.S.W. and went straight there from the airport, with my guitar and suitcase, which contained my guitar stand, microphone and leads but, of course, no mike stand. Oops! Chaucers only had a short stand but no mike clip. No gaff tape, so Lynne grabbed some sticky tape from the take away next door that could hold my mike to the stand. Don’t look good but …..hey! But, guess who was there? Simon Tregear, who used to come to my jams at the Windsor Castle was there and the time before. I had run into him at different places over the years. But the guitarist, who was replaced by Geoff Achison in the Blues Club days, Martin Cooper, was a surprise. I hadn’t seen him in years. It was a real pleasure. Blast from the past!

Pub in the scrub! Dergholm Pub. It’s in Victoria near the S.A. border. This little trip was (dis) organized by my old friend David Coggin who was a drinking buddy at the Windsor Castle and a one time celebrity chef. He’s getting on a bit and, therefore, can be forgiven for forgetting to organize a PA system. So I arrive at the Pub in the Scrub that has no PA. Luckily the room only holds about 25 and every seat was taken. I played acoustically and all had a ball. Next I played at the Mt Gambier R.S.L. I could’ve done without it. What with kids screaming, mums and dads shouting at the kids and everybody just ignoring me. I was underwelmed, too say the least. I was to play a couple of hours at Dave’s new restaurant, Redfingers Café Bar, Coonawarra for the Coonawarra Cabernet Festival Event, while wine tasting was going on. I started around 2.00pm and managed to put my axe away about 11.30pm. Had a great time, tho.

Good friend and music lover Kim Neate organized a little trip to N.S.W for me beginning at the Carlingford Bowling Club. Apparently it was a new idea but it was most successful. The Foreday Riders/King Bros came as guests with two of their drummers which was a great warm up for the Patonga Festival. Then Kim drove me to Lake George where the Lerida Estate Winery is situated. Lovely place, lovely people. The P.A. supplier, who I found out later, overcharged the owners and forgot to supply a mic stand! Improvise again. An easel used for holding the wine list and some gaffer tape to hold my mic turned out just the ticket. Looked interesting too. We then drove to Goulburn to play at Tattersalls Hotel that evening. Not many there but everyone enjoyed the show. Next day we drove to Canberra where we were to stay overnight at Geoff Cook and Gaye Reid’s house before catching an early morning flight back to Melbourne. Phil Manning was there, too. Went to the Southern Cross Yacht Club to see Tony Jaggers. Phil and I wound up having a sit-in. Had a ball. That evening off to the Polish Club to hear Phil play. He was at his best. Then back to Geoff and Gaye’s place and party. Didn’t wake up to catch my plane. Got one the next day. Two days holiday, I didn’t mind.

The Foreday Riders celebrated their (40) forty year anniversary at “Blues Across The Bay” in Patonga, N.S.W. This was organized by Jill Tweedie, the original vocalist with that band. Flew to Sydney and took the train to Woy Woy (the last residence of Spike Milligan’s mum). Patonga is paradise! Had a great time catching up with the King Bros and ex-foreday riders Ros Clark and Rick Lock. Rick was on my first Eureka recorded album ‘Break’. I was to play at the new pub but it was still being built. The Patonga General Store sells booze and everybody drinks on its verandah. Played there! What a hoot! It wasn’t long before I was back in NSW again. This time with Hatfitz and James T (Uncanny X-Men). James T would open the show and part of his set he was joined by Fitz. Then Fitz would do his thing and James would join him. The finale was yours truly with both Fitz and James joining me for the last (3) three songs. It was great! Gary ‘Sinkerz’ Sinclair looked after us real good. Well, that’s about it.

Keep the Faith,


P.S. It is really appreciated when Lynne shows or tells of kind messages coming through websites or direct emails and I am sorry for not replying but I know my ego pumps up with so many good wishes and news of family, friends and followers of my journey.

April 2007

Hi all

It’s been awhile since I put pen to paper, but then I’m a very busy man; just living, you know. Peanuts has kept me rather busy over the past two months, so I couldn’t get in too much trouble. I’ve been playing Sat nights (when not interstate) at Kat Bahloo Café and Bar in Acland St, St Kilda. Interesting gig, as some nights are like playing a concert as the patrons stay from 9 o’clock till 11 o’clock, but other times it’s been like I’m busking; a different set of patrons each break. I can sing my favourite songs more than once. The staff of course have heard them before, but their too busy to notice.

I had a great time at the Baraki Bar in Lonsdale St, Melb with Geoff Achison and Lloyd Spiegel, three generations of Blues. Love playing with those guys, as they’re not only sensational players, but to me they’re “stuff” (family). Geoff has since moved to the U.S. and I’m not sure they deserve him. Our loss though. Of course, he’ll be back. Who could resist living in Australia, if you’ve got the right to?

I’d like to see more of you at “Casablanca” in Mitcham on Sunday arvos (4.00pm) when I’m there (on a irregular basis). It’s a great bar, with friendly staff and cheap drinks and good vibes all round.

The last weekend of March saw me at the 5th Annual Newcastle Blues Festival. The weather spoiled the weekend some what. The heavy rain caused the cancellation of all open air performances, which was a shame. It’s not as if the Hunter Valley needed rain, as it would appear it’s about the only region not much effected by the drought, that I know of. I wasn’t booked for any outdoor shows, so I was not effected. It always touches me how many new fans I collect, while older folks (retired from parenting, I guess) tell me about the last time they saw me decades ago. Some times I remember those gigs, but mostly I don’t. Some people do have long memories, so watch yourself!

The Eastern Station Hotel has sort of replaced Sturt Street Blues in Ballarat and has it’s own Blues Club. Members get to see a free show once a month. I played there on the sixth of April with my Blusicians (Greg Dodd – Guitar, Peter Beulke – Bass and Rob O’Toole – Drums). If you live in that region, it’s a must go there venue. The Oak Tree Tavern on Forest Road, The Basin is another. I’ve played there, solo, on a couple of occasions and found it most enjoyable.

I flew to Mildura to play at a birthday party and was a guest of Gavin and Annette ‘lovie’ Graham. Gavin turned 40. But he’s still a boy at heart. A few weeks later I flew there again with the Blusicians, to play at the Mildura Beer and Blues festival, organised by the Mildura Beer Appreciation Club. A great festival, if you don’t think the Blues is your taste, there’s plenty of different kinds of beer to tickle your palate. Peter Beulke couldn’t make it that weekend so, we got Barry Hills out of retirement. He played beautifully, even though his fingers were a bit soft. Ah, but you’ve got to suffer for your art, Barry. One fly in the ointment: Barry was intimidated by some low-life into parting with some of his money. I was furious and came close to a violent confrontation with said low-life. Thought better of it, as it may have spoiled an otherwise great weekend. Twenty dollars wasn’t worth that. Made lots of friends instead. Organisers of the Festival treated us like royalty. Gotta do it again!

Well, that’s about enough of my Bullterrier-shitzu cross. Check out the gig list and I’ll see you there.

Keep the Faith


February 2007

Hi and a belated Happy New Year from the Dutchman.

It’s come to my ears (I’m not deaf, yet!) that some people are saying that I’m whining about Fiona Boyes Winning the Vic/Tas Awards. Well, Hell, No! Why would I? I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!! Nor have I ever suggested that there was something going on that was wrong regarding entry conditions.

My manager Lynne Wright (Peanuts Promotions), who put a lot of effort on my behalf, was disappointed, ‘cos my entry CD’s got “lost” in the mail. Not the first time CD’s have gone astray on that route! So I missed out. I guess it made the judge’s job marginally easier.

I know that awards like Vic/Tas carry prestige and make good publicity from a management point of view, but for me, I really don’t give a guinea pigs tail, I got plenty already! I couldn’t be happier for Fiona, ‘cos I really admire her outstanding talents. The only thing I’ve got against her is that she married that irreverent, ‘stead of’ me (forgive me Reverend Steve and I ask you to pray for my miserable sinners soul).

Now excuse me, I’ve gotta go and count my awards. Ah, there they are, keeping the doors from slamming shut. Better count those in the cardboard box, too. All the best to all of you and keep the FAITH.

Yours sincerely


December 2006

Prior to the gig on Saturday 9th December, Dutch was asked, by Rick Montgomery (Member of Johnos Blues Band/Club Manager), to present to Johno a Special Services Award for the longetivity of the World Famous Johnos Blues Club, Cairns QLD.

Well our famously funny folklore fellow went AWOL (Japanese influences are certain) & therefore Dutch now was to present the Award on Tuesday 12th Dec to a now crowded house ready to party. Luckily, because our famously friendly Johno wasn’t stage serious long enough for Dutch to present to him.

Johno was sidetracked and left the stage joining someone in the audience while unaware, after much encouragement from stage, of any of this unsuspected surprise presentation from Johnos Blues Bar to Johnos Blues Club founder, himself. While Dutch was trying to encourage Johno onto the stage for kind words of thankyou, on behalf of all Blues Lovers in Australia, no response was registering with our favouritely funny but also very strange bluesman “Johno” well known for his uniquely eccentric behaviours over the years.

Dutch is never without words and this occasion was anything but awkward for him but he managed to put a few fun lines together which the audience appreciated and will remember forever.

Quoted by Dutch to Johno “You may have been at the Eifel Tower and you may have been at the China Wall but if you haven’t been to Johno’s you haven’t been anywhere at all.”

June 2006


Musician mates from “Blues Had A Baby” (1980) meet again. So Glad!

Dutch Tilders, Kevin Borich & Peanuts after the gig at Rubys Tavern April 2006 & a must do again double show


Hello all,
It’s been some time since I last put pen to paper. Remiss of me. Mea Culpa, Mea culpa, me a Mexican cowboy.

I’d not seen Max Merritt for quite some years, so I was delighted to catch up with him on the 4th of February at St Andrews Pub. To say he hadn’t lost it would be wrong, ‘cos he found some more. It was great to hear him sing some new and old songs with, I thought, even more power than ever. Of course he had the packed house singing “Slipping Away”. It was magic. With Glen Suckling on bass, Jimmy Sloggett on sax, John Dallimore on guitar the ensemble cooked.

February saw me at the Williamstown RSL (Way Out West Blues Club). Always very pleasant. ( Announced at the gig was the news from Goulburn that Dutch just won two awards so the patrons shared his great news) Then the McNairs pub in Alexandra where I caught up with some old friends, including Ken “Moosh” Mc Colm and his lovely wife Jill. Then Kabah in Mornington. Fishys never fails to amaze me as it’s always packed with people from all ages, like eighteen to eighty and by their response, loving it. Then Way Out West Blues Club again. Great!

The Band ‘Blusicians’ and I went to Chris Franklins Photo Studio for a photo shoot on the 1st of March. Chris wants to document my up coming tour of the USA plus next year. I’m looking forward to that.


On the 5th of March we went to the “Tatura Annual Food & Wine Festival”. A very pleasant gig we did last year too. Bob Gammage, a friend of ours from Eumundi in Queensland, was also on tour and was staying at Peanuts place for a few days. You see, Bob is an extraordinary artist who paints events like festivals, concerts and any scenes where people gather. I call his paintings “Still Animations” because the people on canvas actually appear to be moving. Bob drove Peanuts and I to Tatura and of course painted the festival.

Limelight in Geelong and the Brewery Tap in Ballarat were next. My old friend Greg Dodd drove me to Mornington on the Sunday for the Fishys gig. On the way we stopped off at Daveys in Frankston to catch the afternoon band. To my surprise Jo Galea Band was playing. I was wrapt. Put me in such a good mood I didn’t even get mad when we got to Fishys that night to find I’d been double booked. Lloyd Spiegel was playing and I was not expected. That’s what can happen when more than one person does the booking and then don’t tell each other. I accepted Peter Overton’s apology and Greg and I sat down to a delicious meal compliments of the house. Peter is the owner of Fishys and a very good man. Greg then drove me to my sister’s house in Frankston. He went home and I stayed overnight.

Next I played at St Andrews with the Blusicians. Stayed up all night, when I got home to be sure to catch an early flight to Newcastle, NSW to play solo at the Premier Hotel in Broadmeadow. Had a great time and stayed a couple of days with my old sparring partner Alan Kemp and his beaut wife Barbara. I say ‘old sparring partner’ because Alan and I used to go to the same karate dojo. I’ve long ago given up such energetic activity but Alan, being a fair bit younger than me, is still practicing the marshall arts.

The Lomond Hotel was next with my Blusicians. There’s always a good vibe at the Lomond and the bar staff looks after the musos. Very pleasant. Tony always gives us good sound too.

The senseless murder of Darren Jones was for me the most tragic event in March and I could not help feeling for his young family. So, when I was invited to appear on the Benefit program at Healesville on the 26th I just had to go. I rang Billy Kavanagh and he came, too. We played together, Bill playing his incomparable slide guitar. All the other musos were fantastic. It was a bitter-sweet day.

April Fools Day found me in Cairns and I almost was the April Fool. You see, you can’t always rely on the mail system. It seems the posters Peanuts had sent never got to Johnos. The gig was booked on short notice and confirmation was sent by email. That too, seems to have had problems. Telephone conversations also got mixed up. So Johnos didn’t expect me. My brother Bart picked me up from the airport and remarked he hadn’t seen any ads re my gig at Johnos. That worried me. When I went to Johno’s Blues Bar I saw no posters and my name wasn’t even on the board. Well, I thought, lets Bart and I have a drink (Bart drinks water. I don’t) and worry about it later. When I got to Johno’s at about 8.00pm when it opened, the staff looked surprised.

They said they didn’t think I was coming. When I was spotted by Rick Montgomery he said, surprise, surprise. We talked about all the possibilities of how the mix up came about and then told me what time I was to do my stuff. Phew! The gig turned out to be great and spending time with my youngest brother was a bonus. Bart had just beaten throat cancer. We sat up till the early hour of the morning talking and drinking (water for him, not for me) and he told me he couldn’t produce any saliva, so all he could get down was bananas and custard. He couldn’t curse Larry (cyclone) enough for the rise in price of bananas.

Peanuts decided to do a door–deal show at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. I was dubious, you see, I can’t remember doing a profitable door-deal in forty five years. Enough said?


The next day, 7th of April, I flew to Adelaide to play solo at the Semaphore Workers Club. The members of this club are commos but the club building is posh. Funny that. I played there many years ago (8-10) and was always treated with generosity and respect. No different this time. House was packed, too. A bonus. Next night it was the Builders Labourers Club. Can you see a pattern here? Unlike the Semaphore Workers Club, which looked like a capitalist mansion, the BLF Club was a converted factory and resembled a bikers club inside. Bar, pool table and plenty of space. Where at the Semaphore hung pictures of Lennen and Marx, the BLF had pics of Norm Gallagher and BLF slogans. One of the members said to me that tho the place looked like a bikers club, it wasn’t, but that it might as well be because a good percentage of the members rode bikes. I made the joke that it couldn’t be a bikers club because there were no naked barmaids. He retorted ”Then you shoulda been here last night”. I did notice that most of the members had beards and tattoos and some wore Harley Davidson T Shirts. I had a ball. The next day was an arvo gig at the Joiners Arms. Now you say, I see the pattern, but no, it’s not a union pub. The Joiners is a small pub and very intimate. You can almost touch the audience physically. It was a beautiful afternoon to cap off my little SA Tour. My thanks to Brian Coff for driving and a huge thank you to Chris Finnen for letting me stay at his house. It’s always great to catch up with ‘Blind Willie Fishface’ (Chris) and I believe he’s a true genius when it comes to music. Oh, by the way, Sue Freeman nee Jarvis ex Tilders had promised to come and see me play at the Joiners but rang just before I started to say that she’d decided to open a bottle of wine and put on my latest CD. Old bluesman and good wine is not a bad combo I guess.

I’ve always maintained that a pub is as pleasant as the publican and his or her staff. This is especially true of the Mineral Springs Hotel at Spargo Creek. Bob, Mike and Sue make their pub most memorable because of their wonderful generous, helpful and friendly nature. I had the pleasure to play there for the second time on April 15th. If you’re ever in that area, do pop in and mention my name. You’ll not regret it or forget it!

After playing at Habra (New Name/Same Owners “Fishys”) on April 16th I had a lazy week. Back to work (Ha) and off to the ACT. I was invited to be part of the Canberra Blues Society Jam session and play at their new found home base, namely the Statesman Hotel, in Curtin. The CBS used to use the Spanish Club as home base. I stayed at Ruth Janzsen’s place and she drove me around. Canberra has some really fine musicians and I had a ball playing with them.

The Theatre Royal is one of the oldest theatres in Australia, Ghost and all. It’s in Castlemaine and I had the pleasure to play there on the 28th April with my Blusicians. Greg Dodd replaced Ken Hatton. Greg last played with me about eight years ago in the last version of ‘The Blues Club’. Sounded like he’d never been away. Also on the bill was Kevin Borich. John Annas and Glen Suckling made up the ‘Express’. Great! Three greats makes magnificent! As it was a good feel to get together with K.B. it was even better to jam with him. Two drummers and every time I looked to my left (bass side) there was a different base player. Glen, then Peter B, then Glen, then Peter again. Confusing but fun. The next night I played solo and opened for K.B. at Rubys in Belgrave. That was another hoot.

Well, as you can see, I’ve been pretty busy and not getting in too much trouble. Hope you all can do the same.
Keep the Faith,