November 2009

WA TOUR – Nov 12-15, 2009

We had a ball in WA. Dutch Tilders Solo & Dutch Tilders Legends Band received a standing ovation headlining Blues at Bridgetown Festival two weeks ago. It was enlightening. This shows that age does not matter. It was a sellout event and Dutch & I are feeling pretty satisfied. The rest of the tour around WA after Bridgetown over the following week was also a special time, with many turning up at many of the gigs to see Dutch again and again. Lucky I took many changes of clothes.

Dutch, Lil Goose, Martin & I arrived Thursday 12th at Novat Perth Airport, picked up the hire bus, found Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne (Canada Blues Guest of Festival) at the International Airport and then collected Matt Taylor from his home in Perth. Well the chatter began and the bus was rocking with stories shared of old and new. At this time all of us are sober but two hours down the road to Bridgetown, Dutch was definitely thirsty so we stopped off at Silver Sands Hotel, Mandurah. A few beers later, plus a quick few shots of scotch for Dutch, as he wasn’t working this day, sure kicked up the conversation.

Oh Yes! We were to stop off at Bunbury ABC Studio on our travels and the mood was high key for a live to air interview, and sing song of “Mc Ghee’s Advice”, Dutch’s newest song was played too. Dutch on guitar, Matt on Harmonica & Kenny on mini Keyboards set the studio on fire, or was it the scotch breath that set the mood. Believe me the Festival knew we were coming now. Then off to Bridgetown for ID photos with Kylie welcoming us with smiles and showbags of goodies.

We went directly to our retreat and then some of us decided to hit the town for a Freemasons Hotel country style meal. Scrumptious food, so we ate there three more times during the festival, including Friday night which celebrated Kenny’s 65th Birthday. A lovely gentleman from Canada whose company was a highlight of our tour to Bridgetown.

Friday 13th Nov, Dutch Tilders presented his workshop at the wonderful local Theatre on ‘How the Blues Began’ was exceptional as it told history that many did not know. Naturally a song in between the talk was well presented and fitted in well with the story Dutch told of knowledge he had gained over his five decades dedicated to Blues Music History in the World.

Then I was called to stage by Dutch and began my first workshop with stage fright, as I was not prepared for the theatre stage lighting which did not allow me to see the audience in front of me. I was so nervous my voice crackled, but I was determined to share my prepared workshop knowledge of ‘How to Begin Becoming a Musician’ with tips of:
– How to Manage Yourself as an Artist
– How to Get A Song on CD
– How to Promote & Sell Yourself
– How to Get A Gig
– How to Set Up Websites
– How to Get A Grant
– How to Get an Agent/Manager
– How to Face your Fear and do it Anyway.

This was a huge step forward for me to be openly sharing my knowledge of promoting artists over the past fifteen years professionally. I will continue doing workshops now knowing my knowledge was appreciated and after working with Dutch Tilders for the past decade it is something I feel empowered to do again. After the fright of my first encounter at a Festival Event I am sure the next workshops will be easier every time.

Dutch was a gem afterwards when we sat with a wine and discussed our days events back at the retreat. Dutch said kindly “Lynne that speech you delivered was brilliant. You have obviously missed your vocation. You should have been a motivational speaker and instead you have ended up managing me, a bluesman.” Well! I replied, “Thank you Dutch for supporting me as your manager over the past decade and what a lotta fun I’ve had. I wouldn’t have swapped my vocation for another life while I’m traveling with you, Australia’s Best Bluesman”. How Sweet! We love working with each other and always will.

It is Saturday and the Dutch Tilders Legend Band was getting ready to perform by rehearsing at the retreat where we were staying during the festival. Bob Patient & Roy Daniel arrived early morning ready to roll out some riffs with the Dutchman so the afternoon gig worked magically. Dutch ran through five different song styles to remind all of what he required from each during the show. Dutch is a competent conductor and this is why he has survived so long in the frontman position. Bob said this rehearsal with Dutch was not a tea party like many band rehearsals are with a few beers and much chat but not much work. Well Dutch had a beer as he does, but yes, us others drank tea and coffee so it was a part tea party. Dutch has always said I can’t think without a drink and I don’t come alive until .05. He is a Bluesman and likes a beer, but thank goodness he performs semi sober on stage and keeps his wits about him always, so very easy to work with at all times. A Bonus.

Off to the Festival and directly to the West Coast Blues Club Street Stage to perform blues for those who did not wish to pay to attend Festival gigs within closed off areas. This was run by Fizzy – Fiona who rounded up a number of artists to join her street stage show 2-5pm so locals could catch a taster of what this Blues Festival had to offer within the closed areas. An excellent idea. Many fans were enticed to pay for tickets, to see artists who they had watched free for the first time, yet again at a paid event.

Dutch Tilders, Martin Cooper & Matt Taylor performed for 40min as the crowd kept calling for more. It was another rewarding show for all. Thanks to Blues Clubs, artists like Dutch Tilders can be welcomed to tour to other states as special guests.

Matt Taylor (Used to being Chain’s Frontman) was playing harmonica only in the band and said he was a little out of sorts standing side of stage and was unsure what to do with his feet between playing. He didn’t look awkward to others but I could see he was a little uneasy to begin with as this was a new thing for Matt to do. Naturally Matt was sensational as he could concentrate on playing his wondrous harmonics and still enthralled the audience with his usual smile between riffs. I have followed Matt Taylor for forty years and am always wrapt to see him perform live, so like all blues lovers I was most impressed with his attributes. This was a special occasion not to be frequently repeated but Matt said he would join Dutch again sometime for a one off show such as this. I will hold him to it.

Martin Cooper, Electric Guitar, drew blood from his thumb onto his guitar during this first band gig as he was so honoured to be on stage with such legends especially since he loves to perform with his close comrade, Dutch Tilders. Martin was given special appreciation from fans after the gig and must have felt like a rock star. While afterwards during our mealtime at Freemasons Hotel Lil Goose suggested there was no need to draw blood as this was a Blues Band not a Rock Band! We all laughed. Martin was making sure he gave his all and more, and it showed. Great Musical Director across the stage was the comment Dutch gave him after the gig. Yes he shone.

What can one say about Barry ‘Lil Goose’ Harvey who has been drumming since he was 8 years of age professionally. This is Lil Goose’s 51st year of drumming with three decades alone playing in the successfully recognised “Chain” Band. Lil Goose has written Books which have gone global and are utilised in Music Schools with his latest manual on Drumming, a most popular book on sale. A genius who lives purely for his love of music, drumming, writing and connecting with others around the world online. Blogs, Chats, Emails are his forte in between performing. After a gig Lil Goose would get onto his computer laptop and write his latest reviews to keep others updated through many websites. I love his passion to share his passion with all. Thanks Baz.

Lil Goose is such a professional who has performed with some of the best artists on tours from around the world that he performed perfectly once on stage with his friends who also know his way of playing his drums. The festival provided him with a more than suitable drum kit and this helps immensely. Love your variety of shirts for stage wear. Loose & Colourful. Lovely nature.

Then we had the awesome twosome from WA Blues Artists Best! Bob Patient, Keyboards and Roy Daniel, Bassist are exceptional together on stage and of course completed Dutch Tilders Legend Band. I would like to say your relaxed attitude off stage is too good to be true but the confidence you exhume gave Dutch & others a subtle assurance that the band was going to kick arse. If your good enough for Dave Hole’s rhythm section on world tours over the years in Australia then your good enough for Dutch Tilders too. Your smiles around the stage to others was refreshing and the audience loved the presentation of the band along with the down to earth purrrfect playing. I could watch you perform over and over again. I’ll be spoiled again. After meeting you both in 2000 during Barbara Blue, Queen of Blues Memphis Tour, we shared some fun times and I have been pleasured to have done so in your home state of WA on this occassion. We will not leave it so long before another gig.

Sunday ‘Blessings and Blues’ began for Dutch Tilders at the Town Hall with a Solo Show at 1pm and the Dutchman received a standing ovation which was really appreciated. Not often does a performer receive such special response and Dutch was quite humbly elated. Kenny couldn’t help himself side stage behind the curtains playing his hand held keyboard (????) as he awaited Dutch to invite him on stage to play with him. Dutch called in Kenny, and Matt also joined Dutch as he was standing side stage awaiting his solo gig which followed next. Three great artists together on ABC Radio in Bunbury Studio were now performing on stage together for the first time. I love impromptu live moments like these as we may only ever see it once.

Next was Matt Taylor who was performing his first solo gig for almost a year. Matt told me he had been writing and practicing his show for a few months prior to this festival gig and it was a highlight to hear new songs and old favourites too. Great show Matt. I love your unique style of Blues with such unusual lyrics that are so clearly delivered that your storytelling is so very exciting with each song you share from your heart and soul. You are an old hippie, I don’t say ol’ man, and your songs are still based around your hippie lifestyle lived and obviously enjoyed. Your another down to earth sensible solid guy. I love your beliefs of a simple understanding of life and its gifts that you have acquired to share with us through music.

Ok The Finale – Dutch Tilders Legend Band Sunday night 15th 9.30pm Full House @ Blue Owls Nest 3,000 in the park –

THE CROWD ROARED, DUTCH COMMANDED RESPECT IMMEDIATELY HE OPENED HIS MOUTH “This is a blues festival and I’m here to sing you the blues” and he did for the next 90min. The folk sat in chairs to the right, danced in the grassy area in front of stage (mosh pit), sat up and around the marquee while others wandered near the bar and food stalls. It was safe, secure and special time shared up close and personal with Australia’s Best Blues Band at the Bridgetown Festival and the crowd loved it. What can I say! It worked! This Blues Act was Brilliant.

Thanks to all staff at the Bridgetown Festival who ran around and did there utmost to host us visitors whenever they were called upon. Wonderfully organised. Artists were provided with the best sound equipment and sound engineers. Fifty Three acts went through the festival on Saturday which is quite an achievement when four hours from Perth City and Airport. Top Job. I suggest you plan ahead to book accommodation and early bird tickets so you do not miss this unique blues festival.

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